Other Cinemas is a project dedicated to sharing films in ways and spaces which aren’t alienating to Black and non-white communities.

As part of this work, we share and support films made by Black and non-white filmmakers through dedicated community film screenings and also create an open space for discussion with the filmmakers. Other Cinemas, which is run by Turab Shah and Arwa Aburawa, is also interesting in creating spaces and networks to help support filmmakers.

Hello [at] othercinemas.co.uk

Other Cinemas Film School

Other Cinemas runs a film school aimed at Black and non-white filmmakers in Brent, London. This film school operates as a collective and helps not only share the basic skills needed to be a filmmaker through peer-led learning but also examines ways we can help each other create films which challenge the mainstream. From editing, lighting and operating a camera through to exploring issues of consent, race and colonialism, the film school collective seeks to build a supportive network of filmmakers who can rely on each other to grow, learn, create and engage critically with film.

To help support the practical aspects of filmmaking, the film school is looking to create a shared kit of equipment including camera, lights and sound equipment which would be available to all the members of the collective.

If this is something you can help support, please get in touch: hello (at) othercinemas.co.uk 

Over December 2020, Met Film School kindly welcomed our collective to host two weekends of cinematography training at their school.