Other Cinemas is a project dedicated to supporting news ways  of making and sharing films by and for Black and non-white communities.

We do this by showcasing the work of Black and non-white filmmakers through free neighbourhood screenings which put them in conversation with their communities; and by creating networks for Black and non-white creatives to learn and collaborate through a free, year-long film school. This work is rooted in a diverse neighbourhood in Northwest London which is chronically underserved when it comes to cultural provisions.

Other Cinemas is run by Turab Shah and Arwa Aburawa, two filmmakers who saw the need for better ways to make and share films. These two strands of our work – making and sharing – are central to Other Cinemas and are deeply connected as we know that the interaction between filmmakers and their communities can be radically transformative.


Film London Lodestar of 2022

Brent Biennial 2022 (Metroland Cultures)

BFI Doc Society Ripple Effect Fund 2021

Serpentine Gallery / Support Structures for Support Structures 2021

TfL/ Art On The Underground

National Portrait Gallery

Humber Street Gallery

Over December 2020, Met Film School kindly welcomed our collective to host two weekends of cinematography training at their school.