A 9-year-old boy in foster care is torn between his kindly foster family and loyalty to his birth parents

About this Event:

We are delighted to be hosting Mike McKenzie, a Brent based filmmaker, professional musician and friend of Other Cinemas.

Be-longing is the story of a young boy aged 9 years old who has been placed in care and is living in a foster home. Removed from violent and chaotic birth parents after a series of family breakdowns, he is torn between accepting the trust, kindness, and security of his foster family and remaining ‘loyal’ to his birth parents who he still loves dearly. The film uses actors to provide insight into the real world of foster care and it is intended to widen understanding of the experience of a child in care and promote debate.

Mike is the founder of independent production company DrumCamFilms. He and his family have been fostering children for over 13 years.