What People Say About Us

I have had the honour to work alongside Other Cinemas during the delivery of Brent2020’s Blueprint Zoom In workshops. Through these workshops, I witnessed their unwavering commitment to our community and their genuine passion for film. Through the workshops, Other Cinemas was able to cultivate a safe and creative space for the members of the Blueprint Collective so much so that 6 months on they still continue to meet to collaborate, grow and build with one another. Arwa and Turab are incredible mentors/educators who have supported and increased the confidence of members of the Blueprint Collective. I am eternally grateful for the work of Other Cinemas and their commitment in increasing access to and understanding of the film industry.

Dhiyandra Natalegawa

London Borough of Culture, 2020

Other Cinema’s film events are incredibly popular with audiences from across Brent and wider London. This is due to their skilful, creative and thoughtful film programming which provides a much-needed showcase for the work of film-makers of colour and reflects their strong commitment to social and racial justice. Their events are free of charge to ensure that audiences don’t face economic barriers to attending, and their associated programme of Q&As, talks, networking events and workshops provide invaluable support and inspiration to the local film-making community in Brent.

Miriam Nelken

Executive Producer at London Borough of Culture, 2020

Turab and Arwa’s dedication to creating a space where filmmakers often marginalised by the mainstream can talk openly about their films, careers and experiences and be celebrated is incredible. As a filmmaker, I have never seen screenings like those arranged by Other Cinemas which programmes discussion around the convenience of the filmmaker and invests time in genuine collaboration for the Q&A agenda. As an audience member, you can feel the impact of this effort at events, where I am getting insights from filmmakers on a much deeper level. Other Cinemas should be the model in the industry for how to promote and support diversity in film.

Roxy Rezvany

Brent-based Filmmaker

I have been involved with Other Cinemas on two occasions; the first was a retrospective screening of my short films. The second was a screening of the work of award-winning filmmaker Cornelius Walker followed by a discussion which I hosted and moderated. On both occasions, I had the very great pleasure of meeting the organisers of Other Cinemas and working closely with them. It’s very rare to find platforms that are wholly committed to the presentation of bold and powerful independent cinema, Other Cinemas are an institution that deeply care about cinema, they actively support the voices and stories of underrepresented artists and film-makers by creating a platform where their work can be seen and be celebrated. I have been moved, inspired and transformed by the events they have put on. Long may it continue.

Tomisin Adepeju

Featured Filmmaker

I discovered Other Cinemas earlier in the year when they hosted a Screening and Q+A with one of my favourite emerging film directors. I was blown away that there was an organisation dedicated to highlighting work from non-white filmmakers that wasn’t part of a trend or “special screening” event, but instead the focus. Since then I have attended their other programmes and been severely enriched by their work and discovered other great filmmakers. Following this, I attended one of the practical workshops they hosted over summer and truthfully it has been one of the best experiences. Subsequently, I have grown as a filmmaker and connected with other fabulous creatives. Meeting Arwa and Turab, their passion shines through and you can tell that they genuinely care about highlighting and supporting BME Filmmakers, both established and new. I have learnt so much from them. Other Cinemas is a necessary organisation in finally restoring some balance to the narratives we see; and also in bridging the gap by making films, non-white filmmakers and filmmaking accessible to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Funke A

Workshop Participant

Online Survey Feedback:

“Other Cinemas is the only inclusive film company I’ve seen in Brent and they have been doing an amazing job! The films they showcase are not only representative of the BME community but they are also films that are insightful and cover important conversations.”


“Great place to both showcase and discover new talent. Been to multiple of Other Cinemas’ events and each time I’ve been impressed by the quality of work shown, the inclusiveness and diversity, but more importantly just how welcoming Other Cinema’s are at hosting!”


“Other Cinemas have provided some amazing opportunities for locals to not just watch cinema they may never have otherwise seen but also facilitate thought provoking conversation.”


“Other Cinemas makes it possible for the local and wider community to engage with cinema from different parts of the world. Often these films don’t get the audience they and Other Cinemas helps to rectify this problem. Audiences are able to watch, discuss and critique the films they watch – often with the filmmakers themselves.”


“Other Cinemas has made it possible for me to enjoy high quality films portraying stories from diverse filmmakers and I would like to see their work developed and supported, so that they valuable work continues to reach audiences who are thirsty for engaging with films and filmmakers representing our diverse community.”

 Survey Feedback:

“The work of Other Cinemas has allowed me to see films I may never have been able to see otherwise. Being to my attention the work of wonderful and diverse filmmakers who have gone on to have wonderful careers. More importantly the films have explored some very interesting, pressing and relevant issues to our lives.”


“Other Cinemas has become a vital space of discovery, learning, exchange and creativity – I hope to see their programme grow and flourish, there are few spaces like it in the UK.”